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Those who have been permanently employed for six months can obtain a loan from abroad under these conditions. And what are foreign loans? Foreign loans are in demand above all in the mortgage sector. Straight-line so-called foreign currency loans from countries such as Switzerland and Japan are often used to adjust real estate financing relatively favorably. For countries such as Switzerland or Japan, interest rates have historically been lower than in the euro area. This results in naturally considerable savings potential.

Foreign currency loans

Foreign currency loans

The currency risk in foreign currency financing results from the fact that the credit drawn in another currency must be repaid and interest-bearing, with which one acquires the own income. To exclude currency risk, many banks offer currency so-called standard, with which one can protect itself as a borrower against a strong devaluation of the own currency against foreign currency against.

Of course, in addition to foreign currency loans, foreign loans are also offered, which are not paid in a foreign currency but in EUR. The so-called Swiss Loan, for example, is also available in EUR available under These foreign loans are particularly popular with people with a bad credit report. This is mainly due to the fact that most foreign credit institutions do not receive credit bureau information and do not enter the credit into the credit bureau.

Regardless of whether the foreign loan is a foreign currency loan or not, one should always bear in mind that the legal framework conditions abroad may differ significantly from those in Germany. As a result, the concrete contractual conditions can vary widely, which can sometimes lead to difficulties In legal disputes, the problem is that the seat is usually also abroad.

In many cases, however, the foreign credits are especially reduced to the German clientele, so that there are no differences between German and foreign credits.

Lencus + Master loan

Erasmus + Master loan

Lencus + offers the chance to apply for cheap credit for a full Master’s degree abroad. Loans are available for Spain, Luxembourg and Cyprus (special conditions). For incoming students to Germany (Incomings) loans can be awarded. Those who complete a complete Master’s program abroad can not receive a Master’s loan for other countries.

For more information, see “Where do I apply for a loan?” Who can take out a loan? Bachelor graduates (or equivalent) residing in a member state of the EU, the former Federal Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey (so-called program countries). Full Master’s program abroad, in an EU Member State, the former Federal Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey (so-called program countries).

The loan application is made available to you by the corresponding house bank. 3. It grants loans for students who want to go from Germany to Spain (Outgoings) and for students from Spain or Turkey, who come to Germany (Incoming). In the case of a study visit at the University of Luxembourg and at the Cypriot University, a loan may be granted in the form of a subsequent payment of the study and accommodation costs.

Further information about application deadlines, application, processing, interest or similar. Issues the following institution: Currently no loans are available for other states. Lencus + Master Loans are being phased in in the Lencus + program countries. The German banks have not yet been elected. There is no time frame for the acceptance of master credit in the respective countries during the Lencus + program period (2014 – 2020).

Therefore, unfortunately, we can not predict when other countries will have master credits. The master loans can also be seen on the website of the European Commission. The Federal Government Education Loan also supports complete Master’s programs abroad. Since 1987, the program has been an important exchange for students.

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